the real thing baby, oh yes (lyussya) wrote in storytime_fun,
the real thing baby, oh yes

The Cotton Candy Girl

Once upon a time there was a cotton candy girl. She had pink hair and everyone loved her.

"What a sweet girl!" they would say. "Why can't everyone be like her?"

One day, during monsoon season, the cotton candy girl turned into a puddle of sticky pink goo on the pavement.

"Oh, so that's why," the people said, as she washed down into the sewer.

A young fish was the near the drain down which the cotton candy girl washed that fateful day. In later life, the fish who was once inundated in her syrupy remains developed type two diabetes. However, before we blame the cotton candy girl for posthumously giving diabetes to a fish, it is important to remember that correlation does not equal causation.

In any case, the fish still managed to lead a happy and productive life.
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