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Ryan's Trip to the Carnival by Ryan Smith

One morning Ryan was sitting in his living room very, very bored. He wondered if he would do anything at all today. Just when Ryan thought he could not be any more bored his father came into the room to announce that they would be going to the carnival today. Ryan was overjoyed at this and flew his hands into the air.

Ryan sat there for a moment, wondering about all the fun he would have today at the carnival. "Oh my." he thought himself. "The roller coasters, and ice cream, and clowns." He thought so much about this that it all seemed to become one giant jumble of colour.

"Now Ryan." he heard his Father's big booming voice call out to him. "Be sure to keep with us at all times." he told his son. "I will I will I will I will I promise." Ryan shouted to his Father, and held his hand all the way down to the carnival, as they reached curvy sidewalk that he knew led to the entrance.

As they entered the carnival the first thing Ryan noticed were the bumper cars and how he always loved to ride those. "Father I want to ride on THOSE first." he shouted and pointed. Ryan jumped into his bumper car and was hit by another little boy right away. The little boy giggled and cheered as he rode off, smashing another car on his way. Ryan had always loved the click and the clack and the sparks going over his head of the cars. Sometimes he would stare at them too long and someone else would bump into him while he was not paying attention. "These bumper cars give me such a headache" Ryan thought to himself.

After getting off of the Bumper Car ride, Ryan's Mother had quite a surprise for him. "Cotton candy!? "My favourite!" Ryan shouted as he grabbed it and started stuffing his face right away, he didn't even notice how much he was getting on his face. "Yum.. and BLUE too, my favourite! Thank you Mommy."

Ryan got so caught up in eating his tasty treat that he hadn't realized that his Mother and Father had called out to him to come on, and he had been left behind... He looked around and around, and saw other little children with thier Mommys and Daddys, but not his own with him. Ryan got very sad for a moment, and wished that he had paid a bit more attention to what was going on around him.

"RYAN" he heard the familiar booming voice of his Father and he ran to the both of them. Ryan was happy that he found them so quickly. "I'm sorry Mother, I was having too much fun eating this cotton candy and I wouldn't pay attention to anything else." His Mother just smiled. "We won't let you out of our sight again, no matter where you go today."

Ryan noticed that he was all out of cotton candy and wished that he had another. At that moment he saw another little boy eating away at TWO cotton candies at once. His face was completely covered in the colourful confection and his shirt was coated with sugary stains of blue and pink. His shirt was stretched over his belly which seemed to only grow bigger with each bite he took, or at least Ryan thought. "Hmm. Maybe one is enough for today!" Ryan thought as he and his parents moved onward.

"Ryan" his Father's voice boomed out at him. "Would you like to ride the roller coaster?" Ryan jumped with joy but shook with fright at the thought of this. Doing those two things at once made Ryan look like he was operating a jackhammer or something else strange like that. As Ryan got strapped into the ride and they took off, he felt the wind breeze across his face and it felt very good, and he knew that it would be very windy in a moment when they went down the giant hill they were climbing. As the ride zoomed down the hill, Ryan's (along with all the other children's) hair was blown straight back. Ryan loved the roller coaster ride much more than he though, but some of the little children did not much care for it's twists and turns.

After getting off the roller coaster Ryan saw the balloon stand and had to have one, he got the money from his Mother and ran over to the stand. "Why hello there!" the man said. He had balloons in both of his hands. "Hello, may I please have one of those red ones?" he asked. "Why of course you can!" the balloon man said and handed Ryan the shiny red balloon. "May I ask you a question, sir?" Ryan said to the man. "Yes indeed!" "Well, you have so many giant balloons, what keeps you from just floating away? Ryan pointed to the many balloons he held. "Ah yes! Well I have never really had that problem come up before, I just make sure my feet are planted firmly on the ground at all times." "What would you do if you floated away though?" Ryan asked, a little bit concerned for his new friend. "I suppose I would go to France. They float on giant balloons there sometimes. Plus I have always wanted to go so I could speak French which is lovely." the man said, feet firmly pressed against the ground. "My Mother speaks French to me sometimes, it is very lovely." Ryan said. "Well I do believe I should get going now, it was nice to talk to you."

"STEP RIGHT UP ONE AND ALL" A clown with very colourful makeup was calling out to everyone, it was the clown show. Ryan sat down with his shiny new balloon, which he loved, and began to enjoy the show.
"Hello and merry welcome to all, I am Boingo and this is my trusted associate Oingo and today we will be performing all manner of different stunts for you today." Ryan and the other children clapped and waved out to the clowns. "Watch now as Oingo balances on this great big ball from India." Oingo was quite good at balancing on the ball, and could even jump up and down while doing so. The stage was very beautiful, with a red curtain rising and and falling as the clowns prepared thier next stunts. After the show, Ryan asked his Father if he could talk to the clowns, and his Father ok'd this.
"Hello, my name is Ryan." he said to Boingo. "Why hello there Ryan, that is QUITE a balloon you have there." he let out a teriffic clown laugh along with saying this. "Oh thank you, I enjoyed your clown act very much today, especially Oingo's balancing act." "AH yes, well he hasn't been able to do that lately, today was his first show back with us." Boingo said, smiling. "Oh? What happened to him?" Ryan asked. "Well his giant rubber ball exploded a while back and so he has had nothing to balance on, but the balloon man supplied him with a giant balloon from India, but it was not inflated, and no one could blow it up to the size we wanted. That is, until Twirly the Magician joined the carnival, he waved his wand at it and made it just the right size!" he explained to Ryan. "They have a magician here?!" Ryan shouted with joy because he loved them so much. "Why yes, he should be right down the sidewalk there, you can't miss him. Just look for the clouds in the sky that say *poof*."
Ryan waved goodbye to the clowns and went on his way.

Just as he started to walk away a giant gust of wind blew by and Ryan's red balloon slipped from his hand. Ryan ran and jumped after it, but it was no use. It was blowing much too quickly for him to get it back. Not even his father could reach it now.

Ryan was very,very,very sad at this, but he thought back to something his Mother had told him not too long ago. She had told him that when you have something you love to hold on tightly to it. "You don't realize how much you may love something until it is gone" he remembered her saying. He knew now that this was true, but felt like he had learned a lot from losing the red balloon.
As Ryan stood there pondering this, he noticed that everyone seemed to be losing thier balloons, and he saw a little girl crying as she reached for her balloon. "Hmm. It seems that more people need to hold on tighter to what they love." he thought and smiled.

He was even happier when he finally found Twirly the magician. "Hello hello everyone" Twirly said. Twirly had a great top hat on and a curly mustache which loved to twirl with his fingers.
Twirly would wave his magical wand in the air and giant clouds of colour would appear like magic. Suddenly he waved up a poof cloud which exploded and caused magical confetti to appear everywhere and float down. All of the children threw thier hands in the air and cheered.
After the show Ryan told Twirly he was glad that he helped fix Oingo's balancing act. "Well yes we can't have a carnival without a balancing clown now can we?" Twirly let out a booming laugh just like his Father's as he twirled his mustache. "Well how did you enjoy your day at the carnival Ryan?" Twirly asked, waving his wand in the air. "Oh I loved it, I can't wait until I can come back!"

Ryan's Mother and Father called out to him that the carnival was closing and that it was time to go. Ryan was not sad at the news because he knew that he had a lot of fun during the day. As they were on the way out Ryan saw all of his new friends. Oingo and Boingo were trying to keep balance as they waved goodbye. Twirly waved his wand and made little clouds which spelled out "GOODBYE". Ryan noticed the Balloon Man was floating away. "Mr. Balloon Man! You're floating away how could this happen?" he yelled out to his friend. "Well to be honest I lied earlier, this happens all the time. I guess I am off to Paris again. Au Revoir!" Ryan waved and smiled as he went home, he knew he would not be bored at home when he could think of all his time at the carnival.

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