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The Cigar Box, That Represented Life

"stop making that noise" said Clangy, the mother of a ravishing, green glass bangle, by the name of Jingly. "I cant help it mother! every time i move, i just make a jingly noise. that's why you named me jingly in the first place!" wined Jingly.
Clangy and Jingly were separated from their only father, and husband, BlingBling. BlingBling was a thick gold chain, embedded with huge solid rhine stones. BlingBling would always claim that they were actually pure white diamonds. In 1994, a year and a half after Jingly had been born, BlingBling was sold in a pawn shop, for 6 dollars. Clangy and Jingly havnt seen him since.
Suddenly, the lid of the cigar box, in which Clangy and Jingly spent their daily lives, opened. In rolled in PingPong, a stray ping pong ball that had been left aside after a game, between two inconsiderate thirteen yearolds. "Mrs. Bangles?!! Can i sleep over tongiht please?!!" "Oh alright, but only because you have no family" muttered Clangy. "Yess! tonight we can build a teepee!!" Jangly chimed.
But little did they know, that their lives would be different, for the short time they had left, on this planet. that night, Jangly and PingPong built their covetted teepee, with a kleenex and a popsicle stick, on Collumbus road in new york. They lived just around the corner. You see, the cigar box in which they inhabited was kept by a homeless man, by the name of Phil.
PingPong and Jingly sat inside their little teepee, telling ghost stories. And suddenly, "BANG". Pingpong and Jingly screamed at the top of their lungs. They thought that they were caught in a drive by. Fortunately, this was not the case. It was actually a robust woman's stiletto heel. She was dressed in a bright red pleather pant suit. Her collagen inflated lips were coated in bubble gum scented lip gloss.
When pingpong and Jingly realized that it was only her heel, they started hysterically laughing. Because their laughter was so loud, it startled the woman wearing stilettos. She crouched down, and examined the teepee. She lifted the flap and came across the two chuckling inanimate objects of friends. "HOLY SHIT" she yelled. She snatched them up in her sweaty hands and shoved them into her tiny bag. Pingpong and Jingly started to cry. "please let us go" "PLEASE". The woman only sighed and laughed. Suddenly, a tall man tapped the woman's shoulder. "what are you laughing about, Pennelope?" "oh! i just found a green bangle and a pingpong ball that can talk!" the woman exclaimed.
Wrapped around the tall man's neck, was BLINGBLING! BlingBling was smart. He looked into the bag, and made eye contact with Jingly. Jingly knew that they would be saved. BlingBling then started making the sounds that you might hear a pigeon make. Suddenly, a flock of pigeons knocked the woman and the man down. They didn't know what hit them. Pigie, the pigeon snatched BlingBling from around the man's neck, and stole the woman's purse.
They were saved! They were safely dropped off with Phil, and the family was reunited. They also adopted PingPong, because he had no family.

The End.

Wow i have way too much time on my hands.
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